This “First Lady” is no Cheese Diva

What is one of my go-to cheeses for almost any event? When I’m out of Parm (yes, that does happen), what makes a worthy substitute? What is one of the lowest-maintenance cheeses on earth (despite its operatic name)? 

It’s… Prima Donna!

Prima Donna is a Gouda-style cheese from Holland made from 100% cow’s milk. It is aged for about a year, resulting in a mild, balanced flavor and a supple, chewy texture which is never brittle. At first chew, this delightful cheese turns all creamy on the palate, literally coating your tongue with cheesy goodness. And when I say that no one dislikes Prima Donna, I mean NO ONE. It’s the definition of a crowd-pleaser.

I call Prima Donna “low maintenance” because it can sit out at room temperature for quite a while without losing its lovely appearance or texture. In fact, its flavor will only become more interesting.

Pair your Prima Donna with any robust red wine like Syrah or Zinfandel, as the caramel notes of the cheese will bring out the fruit in the wine.

Watch “The Long View on Prima Donna.” Ain’t she lovely?