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Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Cheese Lovers,

Over the 15 years that we have been your friendly neighborhood cheesemonger, we at Cheesetique have always made it a point to follow all industry standards for cleanliness and sanitation. With this new global threat, our number one goal is to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees. As such, we are staying abreast of the situation and have implemented the following additional sanitation practices, per CDC guidelines, to make certain that everyone can continue to enjoy the delight of a nice glass of wine paired with a dish of cheesy goodness.

  • All employees have been instructed that if they are sick then they are not to come to work until they have been cleared by a doctor.

  • Employees must wash their hands immediately upon arrival prior to clocking in, after touching their face, serving each customer, and after handling any money or credit cards.

  • Kitchen staff will wear gloves at all times when handling food and must change gloves frequently throughout their shift. Retail staff will wear fresh gloves to prepare each order, then wash hands and put on new gloves to serve the next guest.

  • All pickup orders will be handled with gloves and placed on a dedicated "No-Contact" pickup table near the entrance. Alternatively, guests can request curbside pickup, where orders will be delivered directly to their vehicle with no contact.

  • A management-monitored sanitation log has been created to make certain that the following additional sanitation practices are being met

    • Sanitize all customer-contact surfaces every hour

    • Sanitize all "back-of-house" work surfaces every hour

We ask all of our loyal Cheesetique customers to continue supporting local businesses like ours throughout this uncertain time. We have put together some additional options and special offers to help you get your Cheesetique fix with minimal human interaction. Click here for more info and stay safe out there.

Jill Erber, Cheese Lady