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One Wine for All Cheeses

When serving cheese, we select from many categories: Fresh, Bloomy, Semi-Firm, Firm, Blue, or Washed-Rind (stinky). With this spectrum of flavors, textures, and intensities, do we have to serve several wines as well? No way!

Nearly any cheese on earth can be paired beautifully with sparkling wine, whose bubbles and acidity cleanse the palate and whose mellow flavors highlight—but never overpower—even the most delicate cheese. Plus, nothing feels more festive and decadent than a flute full of bright bubbles.

Sparkling wines can range from very dry to off-dry to sweet, and their colors can range from palest straw to vibrant pink. With these variations come differences in flavor experience, but those variations are subtle when compared with, say,  white vs. red wines. 

And remember that not every sparkling wine has to be Champagne and not every sparkling wine has to cost a fortune. Outstanding, price-conscious alternatives are available from other French regions (Crémant de Bourgogne), Italy (Prosecco), and Spain (Cava).

Sparkling wines come from many places and in many styles, but one thing is constant: they enhance nearly any cheese experience.

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