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No-Cook Summertime Supper

a bunch of different types of food on a plate

You've had a long day. A long, HOT day. Nothing soothes the senses like a quick, cool, refreshing supper... with NO cooking.

Here are some standards that can always be included:

1) Tomato/Basil/Mozz Salad: Slice ripe tomatoes (or use cherry tomatoes if larger tomatoes are not at ideal ripeness). Pile on sliced fresh Mozzarella (we used Burrata here). Cover generously with cut fresh basil. (Quick tip: make a pile out of the basil leaves and then cut with scissors to achieve lovely ribbons.) Then, drizzle the whole thing with really yummy olive oil (my favorite is Frantoia) and sprinkle with sea salt. The salt will mix with the tomatoes and olive oil to make a flavorful dressing, just perfect for sopping up with your...

2) Toasted Baguette: This is a GREAT use for day-old bread. Just slice and pop in the toaster. Voila! What's old is new again.

3) Green Salad: This can be as simple as a bowl of greens with olive oil and red wine vinegar. We added some avocado here because let's face it—you have like a one-day window for avocado ripeness. Eat it or lose it!

4) Sea Critters in Olive Oil: Tuna preserved in olive oil will make you NEVER want tuna in water again. Velvety, rich, tender, and mild, it is truly a culinary game-changer. My husband is an octopus fan, so we tossed in some sliced octopus, also in olive oil. Yes, from a can. Yes, AWESOME!

5) Chilled White Wine: We chose a yummy Pinot Grigio, which is a wine known for its crisp acidity, food-friendliness, and affordability. Pinot Grigio can also be a little boring, so get yourself a good one. Still every-day-affordable, but with more oomph.

Now, sit and ENJOY! Because that's what summertime suppers are all about.

a bunch of different types of food on a plate