4 Steps to Make Grilled Cheese Great

In order to transform your Grilled Cheese from “good” to “great,” follow these four simple steps:

1. Most importantly, a great Grilled Cheese starts with… great cheese. Sometimes we are tempted to use “easy-melting” artificial cheese. I’ll let you in on a little secret: most cheese is “easy-melting” when you shred it first. So, pick a great cheese (nothing too aged, as its moisture is so low), shred it, and spread evenly on the bread.

2. Use olive oil, not butter. Many recipes recommend butter, but in the time it takes to properly toast the bread and melt the cheese, butter tends to burn. Ick. I use olive oil instead – its higher smoke point is your friend here.

3. Cover the pan and cook over low heat. Once you place your sandwich in the hot oiled pan, give it a little press with a spatula and then cover the pan and cook on low until the bottom bread is nice and toasty. Then, flip the sandwich, press again, and cover again. Your cheese will melt nicely without burning the bread.

4. Let it sit for a minute after removing from the pan. This allows the melted cheese to settle in a bit before cutting. And remember – your cheesy creation will be HOT, so bite carefully.